A Bold Career Move: A Girl From Kathmandu Chasing Her Career Dreams

In today’s world, girls have proved that they are no less than anyone. 

They, too, can achieve what they want, no matter how strongly the male-dominant society tries to suppress them.

An example of one such girl who decided to shape her life according to her choices is Anmol, from Kathmandu, Nepal.

With the shortage of career opportunities in Kathmandu, Nepal, moving to a metropolitan city was the only option for Anmol. And among all the big metropolitan cities, she chose Bengaluru.

Why Bangalore?

The primary reason was the cold and cozy weather of Bangalore. As she hails from Nepal, where the weather is equally cold and cozy, she wanted a place where she gets the same kind of environment so that it won’t be difficult for her to adjust. 

In Bangalore, the weather is moderate, and there is never harsh weather. The weather condition here makes it easier for the migrants to adapt to this city without much effort.

This city is an ideal place, especially for students, as it has cozy weather and tourist places to visit nearby where they can explore during the weekends, try different foods, etc.

The next thing which made Anmol choose Bangalore was the IT hub. As she was moving from Nepal to Bangalore for a better career, she always had in her mind a place where she could get a lot of career opportunities, be it in terms of learning or a job.

Apart from being an IT hub, Bangalore also hosts institutions that offer International standard education in fields like Digital Marketing, Engineering, Medicine, Arts, Mass Communication, Film making, Arts, Journalism, and many more. In addition, the city has many famous Educational Institutions recognized worldwide.

However, the shift was not rosy for Anmol, as sometimes it became difficult for her to cope with the pressures of life in this city. But, as a fighter, she crossed all hurdles and adjusted well to the city, people, environment, and food.

She came to Bangalore to learn Digital Marketing. When asked why she chose Digital Marketing, she said, “When I was working as a Content Writer, I developed an interest in this field. 

Why She Chose Streamlyn Academy?

Slowly, she started exploring this field and wanted to learn more.” Once she decided to pursue digital marketing, her next task was to find the best institutes in Bangalore that teach Digital Marketing.

After much research, she came across Streamlyn Academy of Digital Marketing. So, she decided to give it a try. She attended counseling at the institute, and somehow, she was convinced by the institute, its teaching methodology, and its course syllabus.

It has been three months, and Anmol is a Streamlyn Academy student completing her digital marketing course. She finds the classes conducted by Streamlyn Academy to be fruitful. 

According to her, the best thing about the institute is the unique training sessions it takes for students to clear their doubts.

With only a few months left to complete her course, Anmol looks forward to applying for Digital Marketing jobs. 

She aims to get a job in the same field where she gets the opportunity to enhance her skills and grow in her career.

She believes that the youth of Nepal should come and explore Bangalore as there are many more career opportunities in Bangalore than in Kathmandu. 

Moreover, they should explore courses that will add more skills to their resume as she feels that studying and achieving a degree is not enough; one should keep learning new skills.

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