Is Digital Marketing a Promising Career?

Choosing a career path is a difficult task. You are expected to find something you love while considering factors like long-term stability and supporting the lifestyle you look forward to.

Among different career choices, Digital Marketing is one of the popular career choices in 2023. The confusion of “Is digital marketing a good career?” will always be in mind. Here, we have tried to solve your confusion and ensure you get an answer to all your doubts before you step into the digital marketing industry.

A digital marketing career may differ from the dream job most people aim for while in school. However, when you consider the opportunities in this dynamic field, you will find that the digital marketing career is full of positive things and will continue to be in the future.

Are you not agreeing with us? Let us delve into the reasons that will clear your confusion on “is digital marketing is a good career”.

Let’s start.

Before considering a career in digital marketing, you must ask yourself a few questions. These are:

  1. Will it give me enough money to lead a good lifestyle?
  2. Is it a temporary field?
  3. Is there enough career growth opportunity in the digital marketing industry?
  4. What are the job opportunities in digital marketing?

Now, without any further ado, let’s look at why digital marketing is a good career for you. Hopefully, this blog will clear all your doubts.

Why is Digital Marketing a Good Career in 2023? Top 6 Reasons

1. No Prerequisite Qualification Required- Unlike most jobs that need specific qualifications, digital marketing does not. You do not need a degree to get a digital marketing job. It would help if you had a few things. These are a passion for learning new things, an analytical mindset, and a curious mind.

You can always do an online digital marketing course at your convenience and start working as a fresher. If you want to opt for something other than online classes, you can join institutions providing placement opportunities.

2. Digital Marketing is a Rewarding Career- As you enter the digital marketing world, you can earn a salary between Rs. 20 to 35k every month in 2023. It is the starting salary in the industry.

What is the best part of this industry?

You can demand this salary based on talent and experience, not any degrees you have. It is so because you will be evaluated based on the last campaign you executed.

understand is digital marketing a good career

With things changing so fast in the digital marketing industry, you must always be on your toes and keep yourself updated. And if you can, you will get a salary that matches your talent.

And, of course, this is your starting salary. Your salary will increase as you progress in your career and perform well.

3. Digital Marketing is Here to Stay- In the 90s, the “internet” was not extraordinary. We now know that this is not at all true. Digital Marketing is expanding at 25 to 30% annually and shows no signs of slowing down.

Multinational companies like P&G and Unilever spend a considerable part of their marketing budgets on digital marketing. On the other hand, Unicorns like Zomato and Amazon spend a higher proportion on digital marketing efforts.

So, if you believe that “digital marketing is here today, gone tomorrow,” then you are mistaken.

Even senior marketers who have spent their careers in TV, print, or radio use digital mediums. So, why should you follow differently than a fresher?

By 2028, the Digital Marketing market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 32.1%, totaling USD 24.1 billion. By 2027, there will likely be nearly 6 billion internet users.

The demand for experienced digital marketers will keep increasing in the future. As per LinkedIn, Digital Marketing is one of the best skills to learn in 2023 for those who want to boost their career.

4. Digital Marketing provides faster career growth- We have a different opinion for those who believe that digital marketing is a field that only provides a little career growth. As it is a new field, there are few rules and structures.

There are a few digital marketing jobs that are yet to be invented. It proves that the possibilities for growth in this field are limitless.

In addition, in this industry, it is your performance that matters. You will grow if you are all set, ready to work for long hours and give campaign pitches.

Moreover, you can grow at a digital marketing agency. For instance, if you are a content writer with a piece of design knowledge, you could also try designing. This way, you can be a versatile player in your organization.

5. Rising Demand for Digital Marketers- As per Naukri, the “Digital Marketing Specialist” role is among the top 10 most in-demand professions, with around 4000 job openings in India. The most in-demand experience in digital marketing includes content strategy, social media, analytics, SEO, and much more.

As there are so many factors in digital marketing strategy, the number of related jobs is high. The digital marketing industry needs a workforce, and the right workforce needs to be improved. So, are you the next one to fill this gap?

With so many job openings and needing more skilled professionals to fill the position, now is the right time to get started in Digital Marketing.

6. There is no “One Preferred Role” in this Career- Those days are gone when working in an agency was the same as providing “backend support.” Also, the possibilities for a job in this field are endless. And each role is better than the other. Before choosing digital marketing as your career, study digital marketing jobs for freshers. It will give you an idea about the career opportunities in this field.

Are you a people person who likes to communicate? If so, then you could be communicating with clients. Or do you want to work with software? Then, you can be a designer who can create beautiful campaigns for your agency.

Therefore, when selecting what kind of digital marketing job you want to apply for, why not choose something that interests you? It would help if you always found out what can help you build a successful career.

You can read about the different career opportunities after BCA to understand the various career roles and the average salaries one can earn.

Now, let us see what type of people are suitable for building a career in digital marketing.

Flexibility- Digital marketing is a flexible career option compared to other industries. You can easily modify online marketing campaigns compared to traditional marketing.

For instance, if you find a spelling mistake on a social media post, you can edit and then repost it. If you observe the same mistake on a brochure you have already printed, you need to reprint all of them again. This flexibility makes your work less stressful.

Digital marketing also offers a flexible work environment. Many companies allow work from home. After learning digital marketing, one can even opt for freelance jobs to work on their terms.

What Type of Personality is Right for a Career in Digital Marketing?

If you are planning a career in digital marketing and thinking, “Is digital marketing a good career?” or I am the right fit for the career”? Though digital marketing suits everyone, regardless of their personality, a person must possess certain qualities to succeed in this career. A few of them are:

Passionate- You must be curious about new things and should have a strong desire to create something unique.

Creative- As digital marketing is a creative field, you must be creative.

Innovative- You must have the ability to think outside the box to come up with fresh ideas to reach your target audience.

Patient- Regarding digital marketing, remember it is a trial-and-error procedure. As a digital marketer, you must handle the entire process patiently.

Goal-oriented- To succeed in digital marketing, you must create short- and long-term objectives and work hard to achieve them.

In short, digital marketing is the right career option for someone who:

  • Has analytical knowledge
  • Loves writing.
  • Loves problem-solving.
  • Enjoys challenges.
  • Loves to do research.
  • Is creative.
  • Wants to learn new skills.

Educational and Training Requirements

Digital marketing is a field that provides a wide range of career opportunities, and the training requirements can vary based on objectives and the kind of digital marketing role you want to apply for.

Here’s the breakdown of the educational and training requirements that are necessary to consider for a digital marketing career:

Formal Education:

Bachelor’s Degree: While not always needed, having a bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, or business can offer a strong base for a digital marketing career. A degree can help you to understand the basic marketing strategies and concepts.

Master’s Degree: Pursuing a master’s degree in digital marketing or marketing can favor those looking to grow their career. However, it is not required if you are applying for entry-level roles.

Specialized Training:

Digital Marketing courses: Specialized training in digital marketing is more focused and practical-oriented for those who want to enter this industry quickly. Consider enrolling in digital marketing courses that teach you topics like social media, SEO, content marketing, paid advertising, and email marketing.

Certifications: Earning industry-recognized certifications can be a great way to show your experience and skills to potential employers. Some well-recognized certifications include:

  • Google Ads Certification: Shows proficiency in Google Ads, which is essential for PPC roles.
  • Facebook Blueprint Certifications: Justify your skills in Instagram and Facebook Advertising.
  • SEO Certifications: Various organizations provide SEO certifications, like SEMrush, Moz, and Yoast.
  • HubSpot Content Marketing Certifications: Mainly focuses on content marketing tactics and strategies.

Analytics and Coding Training: Based on your career objectives, learning coding languages ( CSS, JavaScript, HTML) and different data analytics tools ( Google Analytics) can be beneficial, mainly for roles in Data Analysis, Web development, and technical SEO.

Social Media Management Tools:  Make yourself familiar with various social media management platforms like Buffer, Hootsuite, and Sprout Social because people in social media marketing roles use these tools.

Self-learning and Practical Experience

Digital Marketing is a field where hands-on experience matters a lot. In fact, more than formal education. Create your website, write blogs, and social media profiles to experiment with different digital marketing strategies.

Join digital marketing forums and online communities to learn about digital marketing from others and stay updated about the industry. Entry-level positions or internships in digital marketing companies can offer real-world experience and help you build your portfolio.

Continuous Learning

The digital marketing landscape is evolving, so you must keep updated with the current industry trends by learning continuously. Stay updated with the latest algorithms, trends, and tools by attending conferences, workshops, and webinars.

Whether you need formal education or specialized training for building a digital marketing career depends on your career objectives and the roles you are interested in. Some digital marketers have both formal as well as specialized training. Eventually, staying curious, committed, and adaptable to new learnings will help you thrive in digital marketing.

Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing:

Let’s explore numerous career paths and specializations in digital marketing:

Digital Strategist- Digital strategists are meant to create comprehensive digital marketing strategies that match the company’s objectives and target audience. They must consider market trends, customer behavior, and competitor strategists to develop data-driven plans for digital marketing campaigns.


  • Market research
  • Goal setting
  • Planning for campaigns and allocating the budget
  • Audience segmentation and training
  • Collaboration with different digital marketing teams

Career Advancement: Digital Marketing Manager, Senior Digital Strategist, Chief Marketing Officer.

Content Developer- Content developers generate engaging and relevant content across digital platforms, including blogs, websites, videos, and social media. They mainly focus on storytelling and providing critical information to the target audiences.


  • Content writing
  • SEO
  • Planning the content and creating an editorial calendar
  • Multimedia content development, including videos, podcasts, and graphics.
  • Social media content strategy

Career Advancement: Content Manager, Chief Content Officer, Content Marketing Director.

Data Analyst- Data analysts collect, evaluate, and interpret data from digital marketing campaigns to draw insights and make informed decisions. They use technologies and tools to keep track of their performance metrics and optimize their marketing efforts accordingly.


  • Data visualization
  • Data collection
  • A/B testing
  • Finding the latest trends
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Career Advancement: Data Analytics Manager, Digital Marketing Analyst, Analytics Director

SEO Specialist- SEO specialists focus on optimizing the visibility of a website in search engine results. They need to come up with strategies to enhance organic rankings, improve user experience, and increase the traffic of a website.


  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Off-page and on-page optimization
  • Technical SEO audit
  • Using various SEO tools
  • SEO content optimization

Career Advancement: SEO Manager, SEO Specialist, SEO Team Lead

Paid Advertising Specialist- PPC experts are responsible for managing pay-per-click advertising campaigns, like social media Ads and Google Ads, to generate traffic to a website and for maximum conversions. They assign budgets, optimize the ad performance, and monitor Return On Investment.


  • Selection of the right keywords
  • Copywriting
  • Budget Management
  • Proficiency in Ad platforms (Facebook Ads, Google Ads)
  • Conversion tracking and evaluation

Career Advancement: PPC Manager, Senior PPC Expert, Paid Media Specialist

Social Media Manager- Social Media Managers manage an organization’s presence on social media platforms. They create content to be published on social media to engage audiences. They are also responsible for developing strategies to help the brand grow its followers and create brand awareness.


  • Creating social media content and publishing
  • Developing strategies for audience engagement
  • Social media advertising
  • Checking social media analytics

Career Advancement: Social media expert, Social Media Team Lead, Social media strategist.

Email Marketing Specialist- Email marketing experts develop and execute email campaigns to foster leads and drive conversions. They segment design templates and email lists and investigate campaign performance.


  • Proficiency in email marketing platform
  • Creating Email content
  • A/B testing
  • Deliverability checking

Career Advancement: Email Marketing Head, Marketing Automation Expert, CRM Manager

Web Analytics Manager- Web Analytics Manager tracks and analyzes site data to evaluate user behavior and website performance. They make use of insights to make data-driven decisions and enhancements.


  • Handling Google Analytics and other web analytics tools
  • User experience optimization
  • Conversion rate analysis and enhancement
  • Data interpretation and visualization

Career Advancement: Director of Web Analytics, Senior Web Analytics Manager, Analytics Head

These are a few career paths and specializations within the digital marketing sector. The choice of occupation generally depends on your skills, interests, and career objectives. As the digital industry advances, new roles are coming up, making digital marketing an exciting and dynamic field to build a career.

Salary and Earning Potential in Digital Marketing

Various factors, including expertise, experience, and location, influence the earning potential in Digital Marketing. Let’s find out how these factors can affect your salary in the digital marketing industry.

Entry Level- Those starting their career in digital marketing can expect a salary ranging from Rs. 3,00,000 to Rs. 4,50,000 every year, based on the company and location.

Mid-Level: With a few years of experience, experts can earn approximately Rs. 4,50,000 to 6,75,000 yearly.

Senior Level: Senior-level digital marketers with extensive experience can earn a salary of six figures, generally ranging from Rs. 6,75,000 to Rs. 11,25,000 or more.

Please keep in mind that these figures are not exact and can change based on certain factors like industry, location, size of the company, and qualification of the person. In addition, the actual salaries may vary yearly because of the changes in the job market and economic conditions.

Success Stories in Digital Marketing

Inspiration often succeeds in real-world success stories, and the world of digital marketing is no exception. As we discover the dynamic realm of digital marketing careers, we invite you to check out the journeys of people who have not only found their right career path but have succeeded in this ever-evolving field.

Here are some of our success stories.


As we near the end of exploring a digital marketing career, let’s reflect on the significant insights. This blog has covered various aspects of digital marketing, including the skills required, different career options, and salary ranges.

Now, let’s sum up the essential takeaways:

Why Choose a Digital Marketing Career in 2023?

  • Digital Marketing provides diverse opportunities: The digital marketing field is a vast field with lots of specializations, including content creation, SEO, social media management, data analysis, and many more. It is the right industry for people who have different skills and interests.
  • Continuous learning is essential:  The digital marketing industry is a field that undergoes many changes. Keeping yourself updated with the latest trends, technologies, and trends is not just a choice but essential for success. 
  • Earning potential can be satisfying: Digital Marketing careers can be financially rewarding, with a high possibility of gaining competitive salaries the moment you start gaining experience.
  • Challenges are common: Challenges like competition, updates, and data privacy regulations are expected in digital marketing. Overcoming these issues needs creativity, adaptability, and flexibility.

Now, it’s your turn to build your career in digital marketing. Consider your skills, interests, and goals.

Do a self-assessment!

  • Focus on your strengths and weaknesses: Are you attracted to creativity, data analysis, or strategy creation? What aspects of digital marketing match your interests?
  • Skill assessment: Assess your knowledge and current skills. Are there any specific areas of digital marketing where you can excel or have the potential to excel? Find areas where you may need further training and certification.
  • Career objectives: Find out your career goals or objectives. What kind of digital marketing role or specialization attracts you? Do you want to become an entrepreneur, or achieving work-life balance is your top priority?
  • Commitment to continuous learning: Identify the significance of constant learning. Are you ready to invest in your professional development to be competitive in the digital marketing industry?

Finally, whether digital marketing is the right career depends on your career goals and the effort you are ready to invest.

It is a dynamic field with plenty of career opportunities for those who are adaptable, passionate, creative, and committed to growth. As you onboard your digital marketing journey, remember that your chosen path can lead to a rewarding career.

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