Losing your Job is Difficult, But It’s not the End: How Vinod Raj Survived Job Loss.

At some point, have you worried about what to do if you cannot make ends meet?

What if you reach the office and your boss says, “you are fired”? Or suddenly laid off?

Today, this kind of situation is quite common. Even big shots like Google, Yahoo were also not left behind. These companies and many startups fired so many employees without prior notice.

Unfortunately, Vinod Raj was also one of those hit by the recession. He worked in a digital marketing firm as a manager. Vinod is a hard-working employee and has been doing quite well in his professional career. But, unfortunately, like many, one fine morning, he was asked to look for an alternate job. He was devastated and felt like the ultimate failure.

He was lucky enough as his boss gave him a grace period of nearly three months to find a new job.

Being an optimistic person, he handled this situation also positively. He decided to use this period to enhance his knowledge of Programmatic Advertising and started searching for institutions that teach Programmatic Advertising.

During his search, he came across Streamlyn Academy. He contacted them and enrolled in a mock session. He was impressed by the teaching methodology of the institute. So, without thinking for the second time, he enrolled in “Advanced Programmatic Advertising course.”

After cracking his interview with Cognizant, Vinod says, “Streamlyn Academy not just helped me learn everything about Programmatic Advertising, but they also guided me on everything else that an interviewer expects from a candidate.

He believes that the mock interviews conducted by the institute helped him a lot in cracking an interview. He added, “During the mock interviews, the trainers focused on the technical part and taught me different tactics to improve my communication skills.”

He traveled from Hosur to Streamlyn Academy in Koramangala daily to attend classes. It shows how dedicated he is when it comes to his career growth.

He was excited to know that he was among many applicants who had been called for an interview in Cognizant. He not just got selected, but he got at least a 30% hike on his previous salary.

When asked, would he refer Streamlyn Academy to any of his friends? He said he has already started referring his friends, and many are looking forward to it. He believes and is grateful for what happened to him, which led him to learn Programmatic Advertising.

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