MBA from a Reputed Institute Could Not Fetch a Job for Devyani Dave

The COVID-19 Pandemic has triggered one of the worst job crises since the “Great Depression” in 1929. COVID-19 Pandemic and the resulting lockdown caused around 114 million people to lose their jobs in 2020.

Many students were on the verge of starting their careers but could not due to a shortage of opportunities.

Devyani Dave also faced the same situation. She completed her MBA but could not find the right career opportunity due to the Pandemic. She could not find any job that suited her skills and requirements.

It was the time when she decided to learn something new to improve her skills and provide her with growth opportunities in her career.

After reading about many new career fields and their respective career opportunities, she ultimately chose digital marketing. Even after completing her MBA, when she could not find the right job for her, she was adamant about learning something new from the BEST so that it would help in her career growth.

Like everyone else, she wanted to learn digital marketing from the BEST digital marketing institute.

The moment she started looking for the best digital marketing training institutes, she came across many institutes that provide digital marketing training. She decided to ask her friends about the best digital marketing training institute.

Most of her friends talked about the same institutes that she had come across during her search, but one mentioned Streamlyn Academy of Digital Marketing.

As it was a new name that no one said, she thought to inquire more about the institute. During her online counseling, she was very impressed by their course and placement assistance policy. In addition, she heard a new term, “Programmatic Advertising,” during the counseling.

It was something that she had never heard before, and none of the institutes explained it to her. She came to know that “Programmatic Advertising” is the future.

Impressed by the placement department and the record they have set to date, she decided to join the institute.

During her course, she learned everything about Digital Marketing and Programmatic Advertising. In addition, the practical classes provided by the institute helped her a lot during her learning journey. Soon after completing the course, she got placed in one of the top multinational companies.

Currently, she is a satisfied professional as the company gives her the right opportunity to grow her skills and take her career to the next level.  

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