Small Town Girl with Big Dreams: Hear it from Deshna

Interviewer: Welcome, Deshna! Tell us a little about your journey from Belgaum to the world of digital marketing.

Deshna: Thanks for having me! It all started with my BBA from Jain College, but I craved something more dynamic. That’s when I discovered the exciting world of digital marketing.

Interviewer: What made you choose Streamly Academy for your training?

Deshna:  Research is key! After comparing several options, Streamlyn stood out. Not only is it a top-ranked institute, but its internship program is a game-changer. None of the other institutes provided internships.

Interviewer:  So, you took the Advanced Digital Marketing course. How did it prepare you for the job hunt?

Deshna:  The training was fantastic! The teachers made complex concepts crystal clear and practical.  They ensured everyone grasped the material before moving on. Plus, their interview prep sessions were a lifesaver – from building confidence to mastering interview questions, they covered everything.

Interviewer:  Did any specific skills learned at Streamlyn come in handy for your current role?

Deshna: Absolutely! The course boosted my confidence and honed my research and analysis skills. It’s crucial to research thoroughly and analyze topics effectively in this field.

Interviewer: Tell us about landing your job at Interactive Avenues!

Deshna:  Streamlyn’s placement assistance was amazing! I learned how to respond to interview questions like a pro and polished my communication skills.  After five rounds of interviews, getting that job offer was pure joy!

Interviewer:  What advice would you give to aspiring digital marketing students?

Deshna: Never stop learning! Gain practical experience. Internships play a significant role.  Focus on projects that build your portfolio.

Interviewer: It sounds like you’re passionate about your career. How has it changed your life?

Deshna: Every day is a learning adventure! I meet new people, explore the world through a digital lens, and find happiness in what I do.

Interviewer:  What’s next when it comes to career growth?

Deshna: I’m currently working as a Creative Executive in Interactive Avenues, but my focus is on mastering all aspects of digital marketing. Eventually, I want to manage the whole show!

Interviewer:  We have no doubt you’ll achieve incredible things, Deshna! Thanks for sharing your inspiring story!

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