Story of a small-town boy who became successful in Digital Marketing

Time and again, it is noted that people move from small towns to big cities to fulfill their dreams, with nothing with them, except their talent. Often, these cities promise them of offering essential elements that convert their vision into reality and finally build a successful career. 

One such individual is Aniket. Hailing from a small city, Bhubaneswar in Orissa, Aniket has proved that no boundaries can stop one from achieving their dream. Being academically strong, smart, and down-to-earth, he was trying to figure out what to do with his career.

During the Covid times, he used to do a few freelancing works in the Digital Marketing field, using the limited knowledge he gained from Google blogs and free courses. Gradually, he found this field quite exciting, and he wanted to explore this field in depth. So, after doing research for several months, he decided to land in Bangalore and chose Streamlyn Academy of Digital Marketing.

Moving from Bhubaneswar to Bangalore was big for Aniket as it was the first time he was moving out of his city. Although he was confused and a bit worried, he decided to go for it because he believed this step would help him grow in his career.

When asked about his first experience in Bangalore, Aniket said,” My first few days in Bangalore were too tough. I struggled to adjust to the new food, language, and people. Moreover, as I studied in an Oriya medium school, my English communication was not great.”

Finally, after about a month, he slowly started adjusting to the new city, but somewhere he used to feel left out because of his poor communication skills. Eventually, he came out of this situation very soon after joining the Digital Marketing course at Streamlyn Academy.

He is grateful to the institute as they taught Digital marketing and helped him improve his communication skills. He says, “When I joined Streamlyn Academy, I was very nervous, especially when asked to speak something.

The trainers identified my problem and gave me special training to improve my communication skills. They arranged classes in which I was asked to speak on different topics, which helped me enhance my speaking power and helped me build my confidence level.”

According to Aniket, certain factors in Streamlyn helped him overcome his weaknesses. When asked about those factors, he said:

Streamlyn Academy has a professional classroom environment with a touch of friendliness. There was not even a single day when I didn’t want to attend classes. It was always an exciting and new experience in the classes. This type of environment is something that many colleges and institutes lack.

He added, “As the trainers of Streamlyn Academy are permanent employees of Streamlyn Media, I would get answers to all my doubts, even if it was something silly. Despite their busy schedule, they were always ready to clear all my doubts.” They are the only ones who helped me improve my communication skills. Sometimes I felt like giving up on my communication, but they kept training me until I improved.” He believes, “Streamlyn did not just help me enhance my overall knowledge in Digital Marketing but also improved my communication skill.”

He believes, “The world is full of distractions; therefore, set the right aim, plan, focus and work hard towards it. But getting the right guidance from the right person is equally important.” He adds that nobody can stop you just because you belong to a small city. Just believe in your dreams and work harder each day. It works.”

Today, Aniket is working with Streamlyn Media as an Ad Operations Executive. He is a fast learner and is grasping new things very fast. Streamlyn identifies its students’ talents and offers them the right career opportunities.

Know more about Aniket:

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