Top 12 Career Options after BCA             

Congratulations on completing your BCA! Now, you have a solid computer science base and might be wondering what to do after BCA. Well, you are in luck! There are a million career options after BCA.

This blog will tell you about 12 career options after BCA. We will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Depending on your selection, your career can take a different route to help you flourish. This blog aims to help students choose the right career path and guide them through the various career options after BCA.

There is an increasing demand for those who have completed their BCA. In the coming years, digitization will increase in every sphere. Every job field will need people who have completed their BCA. It is why the career scope after BCA is immense. Job-oriented certification courses after BCA also enhance your chances of getting a job.

Top 12 Career Options After BCA

Here are some of the top career options you can explore after completing your BCA in 2024:

1. Software Developer- Software developers are in great demand and earn outstanding salaries. If you enjoy coding and solving problems, this is one of the best career options after BCA. Another career option after BCA is that of a Software developer trainee.

It is an entry-level position where the trainee must create and maintain software applications while learning and gaining experience in various computer programming languages. Once the software developer trainee becomes skilled at a particular computer language, they are given tasks on a related project.

2. Technical Analyst- Another one on the list of career options after BCA is Technical Analyst. The responsibilities of a Technical Analyst include executing IT processes and systems to improve efficiency and giving suggestions on economical and cost-effective technological applications. As a technical analyst, you must predict the variabilities in the stock market from a sharp point of view.

choose from these career options after BCA

3. Data Scientist- After the BCA, it is one of the popular career options after BCA, with the field growing. However, additional certifications like big data, data visualization, and predictive analysis are required apart from the BCA degree to get this job.

As per Glassdoor, a data scientist’s average basic annual salary is 13 lakhs and can be more. Data scientists use data to solve different business problems. This field has a lot of potential.

4. Web Developer- In the list of jobs after BCA, the web developer role is something that many people opt for. This career option involves developing and maintaining websites. Additional skills and certifications like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and PHP are needed to get a job with a decent salary. As Per AmbitionBox, the average basic annual salary of a web developer starts at 3.3 lakhs.

5. Digital Marketer- With the digital marketing field expanding with immense career opportunities, it is one of the lucrative career options after BCA. The responsibilities of a digital marketer include marketing analytics, content optimization, making strategies for increasing website traffic, and many more. Apart from BCA, this role requires hands-on experience with online tools. Our Advanced Digital Marketing course can be your first step towards becoming a successful digital marketer.

6. Bank operations- If you need clarification about the best job after BCA, you will be surprised to know the answer. Yes, it is the banking sector. It is a lucrative sector with different technical roles. The digitization of the Banking sector has resulted in many jobs in government and private sector banks. Once you start learning new skills, you can expect a growth in your salary.

To get into private bank jobs, you must clear an interview, whereas, in the case of public sector and government banks like Bank of India, SBI, Canara Bank, Bank of Baroda, and Allahabad Bank, you need to appear for an entrance exam followed by an interview. It would be best if you had thorough preparation in qualitative aptitude, logical reasoning, general knowledge, English, and finance to clear the interview.

7. E-commerce Executive- Career options after BCA became immense with the rising popularity of eCommerce. The responsibilities of an eCommerce executive include maintaining a company’s retail and digital existence. As per AmbitionBox, the average basic annual salary of an Ecommerce executive is Rs. 2.5 lakhs.

8. Trainer- One of the popular jobs after BCA is that of an educator. If you love teaching jobs, possess subject-matter experience, and are good in academics, then this can be a great choice. Many online organizations and institutions hire BCA graduates as full-time or part-time trainers. The salary you get depends on the number of hours you teach and the financial strength of the institute.  

9. Cyber Security Expert- It is one of the most sought-after career options after BCA. This role concerns networking and retaining data security using different tools and software. With a few extra certifications, the opportunities in this field will grow.

10. Blockchain Developer is a new yet emerging sector with extra online certification. Generally, this job role involves dealing with different Blockchain technology tools. Consider this role if you are looking for jobs after BCA.

11. Get an MBA- An MBA degree is the most popular career option after BCA. Master of Business Administration covers different topics related to organization, management, finances, human resources, and other essential business areas. This field is different from the technology sector but has its benefits.

After an MBA, you can enter management and opt for leadership roles in different companies. Depending on the specialization you choose, apply for management roles in organizations. 

For example, if you specialize in IT, you can apply for the IT Manager or IT Governance Executive role. Freshers with an MBA degree can earn an average salary of 7 lakhs per annum, significantly higher than other specializations. Some popular jobs in this field include Business Consultant, Investment Banker, Marketing Manager, Project Manager, and Management Consultant.

12. Product Management- Product managers are the ones who oversee a product for its whole product cycle. Starting from Ideation and planning to advertising and client service, you, as a product head, are responsible for the success of a product.

The responsibility of a product manager would be to help companies find, develop, and release products as per the customer’s requirements and which sector of the market the company is targeting.

 As a product manager, skills you must learn are user design, market research, product marketing, prototyping, strategy development, and planning.

Courses You Can Pursue After BCA?

With the continuous innovation in the tech world, you must find a way to keep learning to progress in your career. Therefore, upskilling plays an essential role in the tech world. Here are a few options if you need clarification about which course is best after BCA.

  • Master in Computer Application (MCA)

After completing your BCA, the next important step would be to get an MCA degree. If you want to specialize in this domain, getting an MCA degree is the right way to grow your career. Some roles you can opt for after completing an MCA include Database administrator, software engineer, troubleshooter, and System Analyst.

Admission to the colleges that offer a BCA degree is merit-based, and there are several exams that you can apply for entrance. Some examinations include CMAT, BHU PET, NIMCET, and TANCET. Freshers who complete this course can expect an average salary of INR 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs. Coupled with a project-based full-stack development boot camp, your master’s degree in computer application can give you a salary hike of 50%.

  • Master in Information Management

A master’s in information management or MSIM is the right course for you if you love to work with datasets. This course will teach you how to examine and organize information by transforming massive datasets into the correct information. In this course, students learn how to use the information to fix organizational strategies and enhance firms’ productivity.

  • Master in Computer Management

Another popular course after BCA is a master’s in computer management. A master’s in computer management is a course for two years. You can apply for this course after completing Class 12.

Students must get a minimum of 45% CGPA. The course focuses on teaching how to implement complex application software. The course has four semesters and includes a mandatory internship.

With a Master’s in Computer Management, you are eligible for endless job opportunities. For instance, you can work in the IT or Banking industry. The average salary for students who have earned this degree ranges from Rs. 2 lakhs to 4 lakhs per year.

  • Online Machine Learning Course

There are plenty of courses that teach Machine Learning. These courses teach how to develop and use computer systems that vary and learn without following definite instructions.

It is the conception of computer programs that use intuition and can foresee behavior based on patterns and act appropriately.

  • IT certifications

There are several IT certifications that BCA graduates can opt for based on their field of interest. For instance, Amazon has several certification courses for various software they are creating. The Cloud computing certifications by Amazon are currently some of the most significant markets.


The above is a list of some popular career options after BCA. We hope now you have got the answer to your question, “What to do after BCA?” You can make your career choice depending on your interests. Select the right institute if you decide to do any of these courses.

For all young minds out there, if you are wondering what the career options are after BCA, you must check the amount of time, the level of difficulty, and the cost of the course before deciding which course to choose after graduation.

What about the job opportunities after BCA? Any of these above courses after BCA will help you get a job to have a successful career.

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