What Sets Us Above the Rest in Terms of Corporate Training?

What Sets Us Above the Rest in Terms of Corporate Training?

Streamlyn Academy offers learners the skills and knowledge they need to perform in their work. We follow a set of activities to educate employees. Though it helps employers, it is also beneficial for employees as it is an opportunity to enhance their skills to progress in their professional and personal lives.

Regardless of your industry, knowledge plays the most critical role in your career objectives. If you want career growth and give the same level of performance, then you need to increase your knowledge.

Our Corporate Training Programs includes:

Customizable course content based on the requirement of the organization

We understand the fact that different organizations have different requirements. Therefore, they look for training institutes that can meet their needs in the best way. Keeping this fact in mind, we have designed our courses to fulfill all your requirements. Ultimately, as a company, you will get well-trained professionals.

Hands-on (Practical): Theory in the ratio 80:20

We at Streamlyn believe that training should comprise theory and practical. Thus, our courses include 80% theory and 20% practical classes. Whatever we teach our candidates, we allow them to work on it practically. Therefore, they get complete knowledge of the topic.

Team building activities

The main motto of team-building activities is building a strong employee bond. Team building activities have plenty of benefits for businesses. It enhances productivity, motivates employees, encourages collaboration, and simultaneously builds respect and trust among each others. In addition, team-building activities enable employees to see each other differently. Employees spend time with each other but are busy working with each other. Participating in team-building activities will allow them to see each other in different roles and interact casually. They even get to interact with employees with whom they do not work regularly.

Group discussions

Group discussions help in improving thinking, speaking, and listening skills. Also, it helps in enhancing your confidence level. Therefore, professionals should participate in group discussions as it is an efficient tool for decision-making, problem-solving, and personality development. Furthermore, as group discussions bring together many different opinions, it is one of the best ways to find solutions to problems. Moreover, as other people are involved in a group discussion, it also helps change the thought process.

Quality management and campaign optimization in Digital Marketing

Quality management plays a significant role in the corporate world. It ensures high revenues and increased productivity for the company. It helps to attain and maintain the desired level of quality within the company. Quality management training aims to improve the company's products, processes, culture, and services to attain long-term success that leads to customer satisfaction.

Flexible class timings

We understand that professionals must manage both their work and training. Keeping that in mind, we do not follow any fixed schedule. Instead, we have classes with flexible timings. You can choose the training session that matches your office's timings.

Training Modes: Online & Offline

No matter if you are not comfortable joining our physical classroom sessions. We offer two modes of training, i.e., offline and online. You can choose any of these based on your choice and need.

How do we do that?

  • Streamlyn Academy focuses on Increased efficiency at your job, Greater morale, and motivation, An organized company culture, a good relationship with team members
  • Streamlyn Academy in Bangalore offers online and offline corporate training for professionals.
  • Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India, has over 10,000 small, medium, and large IT companies. These companies are looking for professionals with skills in digital marketing. In addition, we train those who want to enhance their knowledge in digital marketing.
  • Also, we invite young, dynamic digital marketers who want to know more about Programmatic Advertisements. We offer customizable course content based on the need of the organization.

Why Streamlyn Academy for Corporate Training ?

Recognized as one of the “10 Most Promising Digital Marketing Training Institutes- 2019” by SiliconIndia.

Rewarded the “Best Digital Marketing Training Institute of Karnataka 2021” by International Fame Awards (IFA), New Delhi.

Most experienced and professional trainers.

Our Courses for Corporates

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Advanced Programmatic Advertising

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Expert SEO

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Email Marketing

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Customized course on Ad Operations

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Expert SEM

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Expert SMM

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